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Captains of the ship

This is my entry for NarutoKHfighter's challenge on drawing your pets as people.

Meet my kitties, Neko and Icey. From day one, they seemed to be a lot like Hiei and Yukina from YuYu Hakusho since they are from the same litter and the boy is a black tabby and the girl is a white siamese and the boy was fierce and ran away and we had to drag him back against his biting and clawing. Well I wanted to name them Hiei and Yukina, which my sister protested, so I proposed Black Night and Ice Gem (their names given to them by the color kids in my Hiei in RainbowLand story) which she also didn't likes.

So in the end I used my kitties to help form two characters in the novel I'm working on which is called Yo Ho Gonbaro! about pirate-ninjas. Black Night is the captain of the ship, but Ice Gem is really the one who runs things aboard the Zulu Rascal. (after a week, Icey showed her fiesty side and the boy is quite tame now and loves to take naps on my lap XD)

However they are human characters, so I neko-fied them to look like my kitties that I based them off of! Pirate-ninjas, Black Night, Ice Gem, and Yo Ho Gonbaro belongs to me; I hope showing this before I have my story published doesn't ruin any of it ^_^ Enjoy!

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