Tally Solleni (Fan Art Portfolio) A Monstrous Regiment

A Monstrous Regiment
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For some reason I felt like drawing female characters today, so here's a set of characters from a pair of visual novels I had been developing, Star Gazers and Star Gazers R.
Ranka: Ranka's dialogue is always so amazingly fun to write. Since she's a backstory character who doesn't really appear in the game, I was able to go totally wild and add whatever I wanted to her personality. That's why everything about her is so crazy (w). By the way, her name is usually just written ランカ, but when she needs to write it in kanji, it's 乱火. Though I guess that if the game is in English, that won't really come up...
Akane: Akane (sub-character) is a "childhood friend" gone horribly wrong. In the present day she lives far away from the delinquent boy who picked on her, but her memories continue to cause a variety of problems for him. I tried to make her look like a fashionable high school girl, but girls' clothes are, well...;; (/fashion-unconscious otaku) I felt like that type of hat used to be popular? Maybe? ;;
Iku: The main heroine of Star Gazers R. (NOTE: Although I have yet to finish writing the first Star Gazers game, I have started making some basic plans for the second, just to make sure the stories tie together properly.) She represents "The Fool" archetype. A hotblooded, manly girl with a loud voice and strong presence. I'm sorry if she ended up looking too much like Minorin...
Hotaru: Also a haremette from Star Gazers R (tsundere ojousama). Represents "The Emperor" archetype. She's very sensitive and has an aristocratic attitude. Because she's the daughter of two characters from the first game, I worked hard on her design...I think I was able to give her a resemblance to them without directly cloning their attributes, so it worked out. Also, while I was drawing her hair, my brain fizzled out and thought I was drawing Canada, so I almost gave her his ahoge out of habit...(w)

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