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Ahhh... I just noticed now that while I was holding my sketchbook down to be scanned (so the spine wouldn't create shadows) it slipped a little; not very noticeable, but still annoying. >.< I'm warning you now, this "Caption" thingy is gonna be long and rantful.

As for an update on my life, I'm hating my history teacher, which makes me feel bad because he's so damn friendly. But he's assigned a project worth 80 marks (half the marks of the unit), 43 textbook questions, about 5 in class assignments, a paragraph, and 17 detailed analysis questions about various theories on the construction of the Great Pyramid. It's not fair! It's an M course, meaning that it's supposed to be harder than an applied/college course, but easier than an academic/university course, but right now it's pumping out more homework than my university functions, chemistry, and English courses! He hands back marked assignments months after they're handed in too! In fact, if it weren't for him, I'd get much more time on here; I don't have any homework, except for this stinking history project! WHY?!?!?!?! POURQUOI?!?!?!?! POR QUE?!?!?!?!

I want some goddamn chips!

I drew this during the Spring Break, but I didn't get around to uploading it until now thanks to all my schoolwork. It's not only me in this school with this much work too! My poor friend had a chemistry test on Wednesday with me, physics test on Thursday, and functions test with me and major law presentation to do today. Another friend of mine is failing functions because she doesn't have enough time to do the homework and study on top of her other homework and swimming practices; she's never failed a course before and she's an amazing swimmer. What the Hell is university gonna be like for us?!


This guy's name is Clopin apparently, but I'm more interested in his puppet. I've been going through a puppet obsession for some reason, and I bought the Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame OST a while back, so Clopin is now my 2nd favourite Hunchback of Notre Dame character (2nd to the puppet of course). His voice actor is awesome, and probably the only broadway singer I like. This was an interesting picture to draw, inking was a bitch as always, but colouring was so much fun! His colours are so nice and bright! ^.^ This picture is based on a strange dream I had with Clopin raising the puppet's arms in the air in some sorta cheer, then myself following suit: YAY!

Also, I like the puppet and Clopin because they're funny (same with that Phoebus guy [the knight in shining armour]). Clopin seems to be the most favourited character and the 2nd most favourited is Frollo (the creepy, old, biased, I'm-Gonna-Rape-You judge). Crazy, no? Now, you'd think this funny guy would have some funny fanfics about him, and funny fanfics are my favourites, so of course I went looking... Not even ONE funny fanfic. This guy has a million crappy romance fanfics, porn fanfics, and angst fanfics, but not even ONE funny fanfic. I know that the world and I hate each other, but I thought we had an agreement not to act on our hate! I just don't get it! Wouldn't you want the character you like so much to stay the SAME in your fanfics too? He's not even hyper and fun-fun-silly-willy (Pinky & the Brain), he's usually thinking about how beautiful somebody is or sobbing about some tragic past or present event.


I'm reading Lord of the Flies in English class now, so I went to check out the 1963 movie on YouTube today as my English teacher suggested. The comments! The horror! There are fangirls pairing characters from Lord of the Flies. O.O The oldest character is Ralph, and he's 12 years old. None of the characters show any thoughts, signs, or undertones of romantic desire.
And people wonder why Golding (the author) had such dark views of human nature and society!

I've had an epiphany recently too! ^.^ This is the end of the world. Nothing can/will be saved, and I don't mean it in one of those crazy religious extremist ways. And it's too long and difficult to explain, but either way...

The End Is Nigh.

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