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Cosplay CHiei Plushie and Rose

My friend, Zakuro Rose, really wants a Hiei plushie for her birthday or Christmas, so I decided since I can't send her one, I'd draw her a Hiei Plushie to have ^^ While I was at it, I made a plushie of her character Rose (different from my Rose for those following YYHB! ^^) To make the plushies special, I have them cosplaying Chinese Zodiac animals {Those familiar with Fruits Basket may recognize this from the plushies that are cosplaying their respective animal XD} with Hiei as the rooster and Rose as a mouse.

I chose the rooster for Hiei for a few reaons ^^ First because on my Harvest Moon game, I started naming my animals after the YYH characters (like Yusuke was a cow I named Moosuke XD *knowing how the same VA is the cow in FB makes it even funnier even though I didn't intend that at the time) I named a chicken Chiei after Hiei because the Chi- in chicken overlaps the Hi of Hiei XD Then the other reason is because most the FB FUNi cast have roles in YYH too, but Chuck Huber (Hiei's VA) wasn't in FB so I decided if they ever made more, they should cast Chuck as Kureno the rooster, since we didn't see him in the first season of anime ^^

I had Rose cosplay the Rat of the Zodiac because, well, I thought she'd be cute like that (I just hope her Gloomy side doesn't kill me for it...) and the fact that she's pink (well, more purple...but pink-ish) is an inside joke ^^

This is for Die Before I Wake's challenge of making something for a friend ^_^

NOTE: I also submitted closeups of each plushie individually, but they are hidding in my scraps :3

Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Art
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