icefoxchan (Fan Art Portfolio) WIP-Adult Twins :D

WIP-Adult Twins :D
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Yes, another pic of the twin girls you know and most likely don't care about(I know you hate them! I know just about all of my OCs are probably the worst, mary-sueish and unoriginal OCs you've ever seen! Especially these two...), Alice and Izzy! When they're adults...hehe, you should've seen my face when I found out that in the episode where they first showed adult Ben(aka:The awesome and sexy Ben 10,000), adult Ben-sama and Gwen-chan were 30.

Seriously, I was all, "Wait WHAT?! Holy shizznips..." since to me they looked like they were in their 20's, not 30's. Um, anyway, yes, I revamped adult Izzy, but Alice stays the same(I personally think adult Alice looks good, I went random with her design and just gave her what's supposed to be a slightly oversized yukata, and a black undershirt...and what are probably very short-as in higher than thighs, but not that high-black leggings XD).

And on a random note, I think I MIGHT start doing actual Benice(Ben+Alice=Benice) pics. Hm...and I got myself a few 2nd gen. OCs...well, if you looked at a certain meme I did on DA, you know one of them, well, two if you read the description sort of...

Well, enjoy~!

EDIT:Yes, I'm experimenting with different styles. I found a certain brush on my photoshop and tried it out.

Ben 10 Fan Art
adult, alice, izzy, oc, wip
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