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Let's All Get Along
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As I've probably mentioned previously, I'm a huge Hetalia-tard. So, it's USA and Japan. We need some reminder of friendship in these oh-so-troubled times, after all.
Japan...I didn't have his actual height relative to America on hand, so I just fudged it a bit. I think he ended up looking very cute. It took a lot of tries to get his eyes looking proper, though. (Japan's eyes are drawn and shaded in an unusual way in Himaruya's original drawings.)
America...I'm very bad at drawing torsos, huh...oh, also, the hand gesture he's making is not intended to be obscene or offensive in any way. Around where I grew up, it's associated with American football, rock music, and/or the University of Texas. In other words, it's a "yay, awesome!" gesture. I thought it was keeping with the character/country, so I drew it. Also, America's ahoge is harder to draw than it looks...

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
america, aph, hetalia, japan, usa
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