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I.S.I. - Lunar Warriors
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UM.....LAME TITLE... >>

This is a REEEAALLLY LATE Lunar New Year picture since it was last week on Jan. 26, and now it's Feb. 7. >>"

I had no inspiration on what to draw until the day it came, I drew up Ike and Insung at first.
I planned it on being only those two because of their familiars.
The dragon and the phoenix are legendary mythical creatures of Asia, or China/Korea/Japan/Vietnam/etc. at most.

A dragon and a phoenix start a battle against one another, but to the fact that they are immortal creatures of the world, the battle is neverending even to today.

So the legend says.

But then Roxanne said to put Simon in since he's Chinese anyway. >>"
And apparently it became an I.S.I. pic... -.-"

Um...I had little trouble trying to draw out Seung's position... I've never dealt with kneeling before. >>"
Then again, it came out okay with small references from my handbook.

Anyway, so their familiars are all out, which I haven't done in a while....
First time drawing Soot (the dragon) actually. >_O Came out better than I thought.
Eva was fun to draw over Simon's shoulders. xD
And I kinda forgot the marking under Kamui's eyes... >.> Too late now.

And it wouldn't be better if they were ready for action.
And after drawing it out, I took notice that it looked like they were trying to kill each other, but then I noticed no one was going to hit Simon so I took it back. XD

The shirts kinda got BS'd a bit... >_>
My imagination wasn't working with me after I did Ike and Seung's shirts.... So Simon I just threw in what I could do.
Then the background was not working with my imagination as well, so I threw in a sakura tree branch to show the Asian holiday with "Lunar New Year" upon it.

So yeah, that's the best I could do.
Happy BELATED Lunar New Year!

Ike Katayama and Kamui (c) Ike-kun, who now shares an account with me (smartanimegirl)
Simon Isshin and Eva (c) character design to smartanimegirl, (c) character to lady-black-jackal
Insung Lee and Soot (c) character design to smartanimegirl, (c) given name to phoenix-ki

Tree branch (c) Celestial-Star

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
asian, dragon, fox, i.s.i., ike, insung, lunar, new, phoenix, sakura branch, simon, year
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