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Bunny Girl

Another random role playing oc of mine.
I was really bored yesterday. (And there were other things I could have been working on. *shot*)
This is Kai. She is part rabbit. ^^ .......... And she wasn't maid the way you just thought of. xD
No she was born a human. And then she and a few other teens were captured by a secret illegal group of scientist and then they were all injected with dna from different animals, for experiments....... xDDD I didn't think of the plot, but it’s really fun! ^^

Name: Kai (short of Kaila)
Age: 17
DNA: Rabbit
DNA Traits: has rabbit ears (super sensitive to sound) and tail. (cute little fluff ball! ^-^) Hardly speaks but when she does is very quiet.
Hair: pale brown.
eyes: really light blue
Personality: Keeps to herself alot, but not shy. Only person who got whole conversations out of her was Andy. (He is a skinny jeans/emo hair boy! ^^)
History: Grew up in a small city with her family. Was captured by Collin so he could use her for his experiments. Fell in love with Andy (Collin's son), and would spend her time with him waiting for the day to come for her to escape. Collin got mad with Andy for loving his experiment and protecting her from him. He forbids Andy to go near her.

And that’s all for now. Still playing this one out. ^^

oh and Andy and Collin are not mine. They belong to friends of mine from neopets. ^^

I still have a hard time with coloring in op. xD

Done in open canvas
Kai(c) me
art (c) me

Personal Fan Art
bunny ears, dna, kai, rabbit
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