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Rikiya Kitazawa

You would need to read the manga or at the very least watch the subbed anime, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (my favourite series) to have any idea who this guy is. He has a small role, but to me he's pretty memorable.

He is Rikiya, a thug who goes to the same school as Koyuki, one of the main characters. To sum him up, he's a big, hot-headed bully who's been friends with Hyodo (Koyuki's classmate and guitar rival) since grade school, owns a Fender Jaguar, and f*cks with Koyuki by trashing a guitar he just got repaired.

...of course, he doesn't remain a punkass for the entire series, which is why I like him. You'll have to read/watch it to find out the rest... If you haven't checked it out, then I really recommend it.

As for the drawing, I sketched him using a paused video as reference. I wanted to walk the line between a manga-style and realism. I think I have achieved it. I'm pretty happy with this piece.

Please enjoy my work! All comments and critiques are welcome!

(By the way, I find it hilarious that a badass like Rikiya has buttons like he does. *laughs*)

Beck Fan Art
beck, buttons, fender jaguar, kitazawa, mongolian chop squad, punk, rikiya, thug
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