Hikari Mogami (Fan Art Portfolio) Yukana revamp v.20

Yukana revamp v.20
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I re-redid my Samurai 7 character. Her story makes a bit more sense now, and I made her look even more Boy-ish.

Name:Yukana Midorikawa


Hair color:Ash Black

Eye color:Grey

Personality:She seems to have a split personality. She can be calm and mature one moment, but one wrong word and she'll go off on you. I guess you could say she's trigger-haired.

Weapon: It's a strange weapon. A chain with some leather at the end. She calls it a whip though it doesn't really look like one.

Family:Her father is gone, and her Mother is very controlling.Yukana also has a sister named Hime, who became a Geisha and joined Ukyo's harem.

Relation to the Samurai: She meets them when they come to Kanna village the first time. She arrived before they did, and she seems to be a drifter. She often comapres herself with things like driftwood,pollen, and nomads.

Love interest: Heihachi Hayashida. Since she's rather brash, Hei-chan balances her out.

Enemy: Kyuzo, Ukyo. She distrusts Kyuzo because of his shady character. As for Ukyo, she never liked the government.

Extra stuff:When the samurai first meet her, Katsushiro mistakes her for a man,because of her very short hair and flat chest.But when she speaks, he is surprised to discover she is female.

About her name: Yukana is not REALLY a name, so much as a word. Yukana means 'brave'. Midorikawa was just something random.

So that's Yukana! 8D She has a bit of a boyish air around her, and she's really fun to draw.I enjoy her new hair.

If she had a voice actress Luci Christian would do well.Or Laura Baily. Someone with a strong hyper voice XD

Full body picture will be up soon.

Samurai 7 Fan Art
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