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Death Note Star Wars
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A long, long time ago,
In a galaxy far, far away.....

Death Star Note Wars

Planets are disappearing mysteriously across the galaxy. Although most of these planets came from warring and corrupted states, a concerned Galactic Senate dispatched Master Jedi L Lawliet to investigate and apprehend the party responsible.

In truth, this was the work of a fallen Jedi, Light, who has in his possession the Death Star Note, a powerful Sith weapon which can destroy any planet the owner wishes. It was handed over to him by the Sith Lord, Ryuk, and soon, the power corrupted the young Jedi and he fell to the Dark Side. Thus, the terror of Darth Kira begins.......


Death Note + Star Wars = Death Star Note Wars (get it?)

Light is the dark Jedi who has fallen to the dark side of the Force....Light is dark....ironic isn'it?

L is a Master Jedi but he looks more of a badass than a good guy. The Force is strong in this one.....

Death Note Fan Art
amane, anime, cartoon, comic, death note, deathnote, force, jedi, kem, kira, l, lawliet, light, manga, master, movie, raito, ryuk, shonen, sith lord, star wars, wammy club, yagami
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