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Don't You Dare!
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Here it is. A result to my younger brother making me play Pokemon: FireRed Version and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness[He has Pokemon: LeafGreen Version and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. Why do we get opposite games? Cause we're cool like that. Thanx<3] And there's a lot more where this came from but I keep those away. They were just doodles/sketches.

My Pokemon Oc, Mimi[I wanna change her name but I can't bring myself to do it x-x;; I'm stuck to it^ ^;] and Gary~<333

Gary: "Don't you dare touch her!"
Mimi: "G...Gary?"

Who is Gary talking to?? Mmmmmmm...I'll make him be talking to an OC my brother made just to screw around w/ this pairing[what an a-hole lol]

I think this is my favorite pairing out of all my pairings o-o The whole story behind these two is amazing![to me X3] And it is yet to be over X3{Because my younger bro made me make their kid haha. My younger bro likes to make me draw Pokemon for some reason. What's odd is that their kids name is a mixture of Mimi and Gary's names and I just figured that out today!! The kid's name is Mari<--That is so odd because I mad her waaaaaaaay before thinking about MimiXGary XP See? Point proven that Mimi and Gary are meant for each other XD :]

If you're wondering, yes, my younger brother[by 2 years]draws anime too. He makes me proud every day ;w; *hugs him*

UGH! I should be continuing working on finishing my contest entry for Akioh's contest! It ends tomorrow!X_X Do you see the distractions I go through?? That's not even a fraction of it lol. *kicks the Pokemon games into her box of DS/GBA/PS2 games and gets right onto the entry. Hopefully, no more distractions T^T]

Mimi Gothem[she needs a different surname. Suggestions?<3]+Art (c) Me[fire.freak]
Gary Oak+Pokemon (c) Satoshi Tajiri, I believe


Pokemon Fan Art
color me, fire.freak, gary, gary oak, gothem, hands off, mimi, mimi gothem, oak, oc, pokemon
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