Lunariha (Fan Art Portfolio) I Still Believe in Love

I Still Believe in Love
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Hi hi anyways...I'm recently learning how to color manga scans (and it's really fun!) and here's my very first one--the ZeroYuuki kiss that Zeki fans have been waiting all this time!! Zero confessing his love for Yuuki then hugging her, have a drink of her blood, and finally kiss her---OMG!! That's just sooooooo romantic!! It's my favorite Well, ummm....I've done some changes on the pics as you guys would notice. I tried to place all those pics from VK manga chap.46 that I love in here
Zero x Yuuki forever!!

Inspired by the song: I Still Believe by Hayden Panettiere

The manga scan I used is not mine...I just downloaded it :)
Coloring was entirely done by me

Enjoy and pls credit if you want to use it in anything

Vampire Knight Fan Art
anime, cross, finally, forever, guilty, kiryuu, kiss, knight, love, romance, vampire, yuuki, zero
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