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Elegant yet Evil
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Alternative title:Who says Evil can't be Pretty? XD

Anyway, it's Anti-Melody, no not Melody herself, Anti-Melody, you know, who is all girly and elegant and all that shizz. I also wanted to mention, Melody hated Cosmo because she thought he was the reason her father and uncle were shunned from Fairy World when they were younger. Later on, she realized it wasn't his fault and after lots of begging, Melody became another one of Timmy's fairies~! What I really wanted to mention was, Melody is still a little mean to Cosmo(just teasing him and hitting him on the head sometimes), but she's NEVER EVER mean to Timmy...or Poof(but Poof's a baby so...) in fact, she and Timmy get along really well.

But Anti-Melody, she HATES Nega-Timmy...they fight alot and Anti-Cosmo usually either breaks it up or watches them and sip tea until he gets bored and tears them apart. Did I mention Anti-Makoto, who still loves Anti-Melody but is an even bigger @ss to Nega-Timmy and reffers to him as a 'Snake-Beaver'? Makoto himself is really close to Timmy and calls him 'Lil' Dude' or something like that.

Anyway, yes I revamped Anti-Melody, her old design was too, no stealing or flaming!


Fairly OddParents Fan Art
anti-fairy, anti-melody, elegant, evil, oc
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