Saelah (Fan Art Portfolio) Needs a name... -finished-

Needs a name... -finished-
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Character for my upcoming animation (still in production, if I may). He might have a name! Someone suggested Yuubae (thanks to TheDarkAngel! =D), which means "sunset glow" in Japanese, and I have two derivations of it as possibilities: Yuue and Yune. Personally, I like Yuue, but I'd like to hear other opinions or suggestions as well. ^^

This picture took me far too long, but it was worth it =^^= Not only is he in my animation, he is also a character that is sorta based off of my boyfriend.. He's been no help whatsoever in the creation of this guy, but he says he likes what I've done so that makes me happy =D

Future reference: I hate grass!! Please don't ever ask me to do grass! Dx In this case, it was my choice, but still.. It was eviiiillll to paint x[

Note: I did not paint those leaves.. If you've heard of it, I got them from Weatherbug-- it had an autumn layout, and I really didn't want to fight with making them...
Everything else is most definitely mine and should not be used without my permission. Please ask, I don't bite. =o
Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy it =3

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autumn, fox, sunset-glow
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