animegirly2 (Fan Art Portfolio) 2 years and Rin!

2 years and Rin!
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Character: Kagamine Rin
From: VOCALOID (voice synthesizing program)
Programs/items used: MS Paint, Photoscape (for shinyness! XD lol. and the frames), my Hello Kitty mouse!!! XP
Time taken: About 45 or maybe 50 minutes. XP (for drawing and coloring on MS Paint)
Art made by: me. ^^

I love VOCALOID!!! ;A; And Kagamine Rin ish my favorite character on there. ;3 lol. I know a lot of people are more of a Hatsune Miku fan, but don't worry, I like her too, but I like Rin-chan better. XD lol.

Anyways, the real point of putting this up on here now (I actually had this done like last week. XD lol.) is because Today is my 2 year theO anniversary~~!! Yay!! Yes, it is exactly 2 years ago today that I clicked the little register button on the side of the website.

Back then, everything was all white, black and grayish and it was really fun. ;3 There were no worlds (of course) and no version vibrant (that's obvious because version vibrant is so new! XD lol.) and everybody had to wait for such a long time, at least 24 hours, for their works to get published... It's still kinda like this, but more high tech now.

Wow has theO changed quite a bit in 2 years... I'm sure if you guys are older than me, you'll have seen more changes than me, but it's been a great 2 years! I love all of my theO friends and I have been able to see so many of my friends art styles change over time. Like Sayoko-chan when you first signed up, I loved your art, but now it's even gotten better! I envied you and your MS Paint skills (of course I still do! DX)! And Faith-chan and Sakurie-chan and Elena-chan and even GoDancetheSound! Woot! I know I have tons more friends but it would be too long. XD I went and looked through my now inactive myotaku, and I appreciate all of the people who still come and sign my guestbook. ;A;

I went through so many things over these 2 years... I just wanted to bring up one of our fellow theO friend who died of cancer I think about a year ago (doodlequeen-chan) who was really nice and sweet... You can never forget anybody when you have the whole theO full of memories... I can always go look through to the back of my favorites or portfolio and I think that really brings back good memories...

Alright, now this is getting really long so I'll just leave it at this. Thanks everyone for all of the support!! ;A; And I am really looking forward to my also future years on here! ;3 Yay!! *high fives*

P.S. Sorry for the really really shinyness! XD lol. I love shiny~~!! XD I showed one of my friends, and she said it hurt her eyes. OTL
P.S.S. Jpeg ruins everything!!! DX

Miku Hatsune Fan Art
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