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Halloween Ed x Winry
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This is for the Halloween contest on another site with Ed x Winry dressing up as my new favorite anime couple Ichigo & Rukia from Bleach! ^.^

I debated for a while on what couple to dress them up as, thinking about my past fav couples, Goku & Chichi, Tai & Sora or even more popular couples like in Naruto or Inuyasha, but then remembered how much I like Ichigo & Rukia! *smackshead* !-.-

I also debated on whether or not to give them swords or zanpakto from the show as well, but decided it would make them more like themselves if I just kept Ed, Win more normal, i.e. Ed's arm which could transmute into a sword, and Win's trusty wrench! ~.~

Those of you wondering why Al is hanging from Ed's waist may want to know that's cause he's dressing up as Kon, a Bleach character that was soul that was put into a stuffed doll form. I also thought about not putting Al in this pic, but I decided it'd be cute if I did. XD

Also, those not familiar w/ Bleach may want to know, those aren't dresses they're in, they're actually robes for shinigami (death gods), which is what Rukia & Ichigo are.

I hated drawing Ed's automail again for the 2nd time but had no choice since the robes were short-sleeved *grumbles*. But it seemed much easier this time to color and draw so that's good! ^-^ I actually like how Ed turned out this time, but not so much Winry, oh well... XP

Oh, and I also decided to make Ed taller for this for once to match Ichigo's height better and to apologize for making him so short all those other drawings. 0.0

As usual, I welcome any and all favs, votes & comments! X)

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