Angel Zakuro (Fan Art Portfolio) Miss Utena.

Miss Utena.
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DX My brother made me do it. He "drew" her (he's terrible), so I had to.

I LOVE UTENA though. ♥ ♥ ♥ So yeah, I drew her...I haven't drawn an anime character in a reaaalllly long time...since in my drawing class at school, it's all realistic stuff. I drew from this pic of her in the Sega Saturn game's booklet. If I weren't so lazy, I'd scan it in and show you. Anyhoo, so first I sketched her can see my original here, and then I ever so pathetically attempted to color her in Photoshop. ~__~ Coloring isn't my strong point...I can vector and make wallpapers, but just coloring is a no-go. I was too lazy to plug in my tablet, so I just used my mouse.

I know it looks terrible. SORRY. ;__; I suck at coloring on PS. I prefer my b/w sketches...

Revolutionary Girl Utena Fan Art
color, girl, pink, sketch, tenjou, utena
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