Jigoku Sakura (Fan Art Portfolio) Happy Birthday Cherri-chan~!

Happy Birthday Cherri-chan~!
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OHMIGAWD~! XD Happy Birthday Babe! Your 14 and now here's your gift from me to you!
I try to do this pic in your style
......i failed completely~
i gotta say it took me quit a while to get this pic just the way i wanted it to be
i was up 4 in the morning trying to get this done,
when i just remembered that my folks took my prismacolored pencils away from me
so i ended up using the schools colored pencils
and my friends skin-toned pencil
I realized that ppl would be drawing a lot of RikaxRoxas pics so i just decided
to draw u just Rika
Cus she's like my fav KH OC
XD oh and the dialog that says
"Happy Birthday Baby girl "
It seemed appropriate for Rika to say doncha think?
i did
either way i had some MAJOR fun with her
i wanted Roxas in it
Can't draw him
i sucked hard
well hope you had a Sweet Birthday Laurennnn~
Luv yas!
=^._.^=JiSa wuvs joos~!!
PS as of yesterday i now create b-day gifts
only to the ppl i know well enough and subscribed to me, and are my good friends
Check out my new world! Called "Once Upon a Story..."
It's a world of stories
More for Like Blood Like Honey
So those who've been waiting for the story to be finally posted
here ya are! the wait is OVER~!

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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