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Hey yeah yeah!

The finished product of the Unlucky-Unforgiven collaboration!

This is Sam's version of my space-filler, Cald. I spent maybe two weeks coloring it.

The first thing that grabs my attention are Cald's eyes. The outline is a lavender with the rest of the iris being different shades of gold set up in a circular pattern. Little fact, the shine in his eyes were added after all the smoke and haze to make his eyes stand out more.

You probably can't notice any detail in his skin because of the haziness. On the corner of his mouth he has a smudge of dried blood. That was in Sam's original drawning. He also has toning on his stomach. Cald is in decent shape. And there's toning to show his collar bone. But the most important detail about his skin, it has the lavender hue in it. Because of the haziness, the back lighting, and the glowing of the flames, it is very hard to see.

Details regarding his clothing, all the edges of the broken clothing are burned with the exception of the shirt. The one were there is no sleeve at all was torn. It was burned a little, but it was torn off. That area is also covered in soot and blood. There is soot patches on his pants, shoe, and shirt. He also looks like he was stabbed in the leg. Judging from that smirk, it didn't bother him.

Cald has the most annoying hair in the whole world. Because Cald is not human, those streaks are natural. Because his hair is mostly black, it is just difficult to highlight, shade, or tell where sections are. The black is put in first so doing the streaks in how they should look is annoying. But I'm fairly happy with his hair.

Original pencil drawing- Sam "Unforgiven"
Line art, color, Cald- Dean "Unlucky"
*honorable mention to all thirteen subscribers and to all who voted/comented/looked at the other Cald pictures*
Dedicated to InsaneAndroid for commenting on the other Cald pitures.
Music for Cald's process- AFI, Boston's Higher Power, Goo Goo Dolls' Let Love In, Goo Goo Dolls' Dizzy, Guns 'N Roses' Yesterdays, Guns 'N Roses' Ain't It Fun, Kanon's The Birds Chirp, I Sing, Kansas' The Wall, Kansas' The Pinnicle, Kansas' The Devil Game, Kansas' Closet Chronicles

Thanks for looking!


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