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Stitch Me Up *version 2.0!
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So it's done. My very first picture done on GIMP.
And it only took.. 3 days. x'D
My hand is in so much pain from doing this. I had to click and click and click the mouse a million bajillion times and I'm sure when I'm older, I'll have arthritis in my right hand.
Yeah, I'm being a baby. I know people do this kind of stuff all the time they're not complaining. Mehh. xP

Anyways, this is the newest version of that other picture "Stitch Me Up" that I drew a while ago. I saw this GIMP thing somewhere and I wanted to try it out. Since I was too lazy to draw a new picture, I just used an old one. So there it is.
The shading was really random, if you notice. It makes the picture look good, but it doesn't make it look real; it's not popping out at you or anything.
But oh, well. I'm very proud of myself, really. x] I hope you all like it!
((I was listening to the song Ambulance Chaser when I got the idea from this picture, just in case anyone was wondering. xD))

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ambulance chaser, gimp, me, puppet, stitch, up
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