Yamis Pharaohess (Fan Art Portfolio) Koichi for Bushabunny!!!

Koichi for Bushabunny!!!
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Koichi for Bushabunny!!!
Yep, I posted this on dA, too.
Well, this is <strong>WAAAAAAAAAAY</strong> over due, I started working on this in May, and I just got them done recently. T_____T I’M SAWWY!!!!!!!!! I have no good excuse, because I had plenty of free time to get these done when I wasn’t at work or whatever. I’m just a lazy-ass... >.> lol ^^;

This is for my friend on dA, bushabunny, for her birthday. She requested Bakura or this guy from Digimon Frontier, Koichi Kimura =D So, I figured I’d expand my anime drawings and Digimon! I had this done a bit ago, BUT! I colored him wrong. T_T In the pic I had and was using as a reference for how he looked, it looked like he had brown hair, when he has the blue-black color. Aw, so I had to erase it and color it over again. Oh well! And I gave him a long-sleeve shirt because I can..... <.< >.> and I can’t draw wrists that well. ^^; He looks older in this pic, doesn’t he? Like 14-ish or something. ^^; oops. He’s supposed to be like 11... *can’t draw kids very well*
Mistakes and miscoloring and all, I hope you like it, bushbunny! *glompage*

<em>Drawing © Kibou (Yamis Pharaohess) </em>

Digimon Fan Art
bushabunny, digimon, duskmon, frontier, kaiserleomon, kimura, koichi, lowemon, velgemon
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