Yamis Pharaohess (Fan Art Portfolio) Yuusei for Teramaster

Yuusei for Teramaster
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Yep, I posted this on dA, too.

Another b-day gift that’s <strong>WAAAAAAAAAAY</strong> over due, I started working on this in May/June-ish, and I just got them done recently. T_____T Sorry!!! That was like a 3-4 month gap! O_o No good excuse, just the fact that I’m a lazy-ass... >.> lol ^^;

This is for my friend teramaster for his birthday, that was a millennium ago! ;P Originally, he wanted me to draw Yuusei’s Stardust Dragon, (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds) and I thought, “whaaa! My lack of awesome drawing skills can’t draw this!!!” But he said that Yuusei was fine so I figured I could draw that, lol. I LOVE YUUSEI’S HAIR!!! With me being a perfectionist, and half watching TV while doing it, it took me about a half hour to get the hair right. Difficult to draw, but very fun. I didn’t know what to do for a BG for a while, then it came to me, 5Ds!!! ^^ So I quick did that last night, heehee. Up until 1am doing that one! ^_~ And just because, I TRIED to draw the basic shape of the Stardust Dragon in the card Yuusei’s holding. But it kind of looks like a blob, ^^; only kind of *is trying to give herself credit*
I hope you like it, Teramaster!!!!!

<em>Drawing © Kibou (Yamis Pharaohess) </em>

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
5d, 5ds, art, dragon, drawing, fuedo, gift, stardust, teramaster, yu-gi-oh, yusei, yuusei
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