smartanimegirl (Fan Art Portfolio) Happy Birthday Raven

Happy Birthday Raven
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PHEW! Hope I have enough time for the description on this... =/
I just finished this a few minutes ago and I was HOPING TO POST THIS TODAY! TOT

This picture is for because....IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! ^o^
Happy Birthday Raven! ^^

I drew this up yesterday, inked yesterday (while during our piano class lol), and Photoshopped immediately after I came home! @[email protected]
But I did it while working back and forth on my schoolwork. ^^"
I have it on DA and yet I didn't have time to post it up here on TheO... >.>

So anyway, believe me or not THIS IS REALLY WHAT SHE IS LIKE. Wanna know why? Because she died 2-3 years ago! ToT A moment of silence for her please!
........... Thank you.
Eh, well, at least I spent the birthday with her yesterday...

Aaaaaannnnndd she's actually the Reaper. =P So you all better watch out for her!
The scythe she has is called "Ennesh," which means "blue moon."
The raven (YES I SAID RAVEN) on her shoulders is her little partner Sayru, which means "night angel."
The mist effects were my fav for this. =]
The background there is supposedly "Andaria" (Land of the Dead), but apparently I referenced it from "Annarex" (The Gates). @[email protected] Still looks awesome though.

Any questions about these stuff, just leave them in comment, beacause what I'm saying here is TRUUUUUUUEEEEEE!

And she is sitting on a tomb.
Who's tomb? I don't know. ;O
I just made the tomb for her to sit on and I didn't bother with whoever it is that died there.
It could be those that died from the 9/11! O_O

Anyway, enjoy the pic! ^^

Happy Birthday Samantha Jane Parker (aka Raven)
September 1991 - June 2006
Rest in peace

Raven and Sayru (c) Raven-Reaper-XIII (of DA)
Artwork (c) smartanimegirl (MEIN)

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
andaria, birthday, dead friend, ennesh, happy, raven, sayru, tomb
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