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Pam And Jim

This is a picture of Pam and Jim, from NBC's great show The Office. I drew it with reference from a picture on Photobucket, and then scanned it into my computer and colored it on Paint. The drawing took me roughly 20-25 minutes and the coloring probably took me an hour... i didnt color it none stop for one hour, cuz i was doing other things on my Naruto website at the same time.
I think Jim's face look's a bit to thin, but other than that i am quite proud of this piece. I really like how Pam turned out!!
In the last season i was so anxious to see Jim ask Pam to marry him, even though the show is a comedy (and probably the funniest show out there if you ask me). I was disappointed when i saw Andy ask Angela to marry him, stopping Jim from asking Pam. I cant wait to see the new season and what happens! You can barely ever predict what will happen on that show...and you can never predict what funny prank Jim will pull on Dwight and what Dwight will do about it LOL
I know that The Office is 100% not an anime show, but i found an anime picture of it and wanted to try to draw it. And here it is now!!

Constructive critisim and comments are highly appreciated!!

Oh yeah, and the kanji at the bottom of the page says animearchangel

The Office Fan Art
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