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I suppose this would be a good place to put this.

Giratina in human form.
Because my girlfriend and I like to roleplay with Pokemon, it's fun to give them human bodies.

Unfortunately I can't credit the base because the site was taken down, but they belong to a Meko-chan.

The design is COMPLETELY by me, so please don't steal and especially don't try to take credit for.
The one on the left would be his regular form, on the right a battle form.

(And I assume people know I don't own Pokemon)

~~~~~~Ranting about the design~~~~~~~~

While Giratina is utterly enormous, his body is actually very sleek looking with the exception of the gold bits on him. So I made his outfit to look almost like a wetsuit, skin tight, and fitted. The gold is more like decoration than armor, except for his head. So I added the semi-decorative boots and the rob-looking pieces. The head piece was inspired by Sailor Moon tiaras, but designed after Giratina's. But we also wanted to see what the character would look like with a full head of armor like the Pokemon. I think it turned out looking a little topheavy, but overall not too bad, though it does take away from the rest of the outfit a bit. But we didn't have the heart to trash the idea completely.
I don't particularly like the kneecap guards on this one, but there needed to be something there and I didn't want it to be too complicated and draw attention from the boots.

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