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The Uncute Couple- Color us in to Win!!
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The name of this is The Uncute Couple not because the people are wearing uncute clothes, but because I don't like this picture. Dx
I was drawing it.. lalala.. and then, I was finished. I looked at it and said, "Akioh (my sister), I really don't like this picture." She kinda ignored me, since she was drawing something else at the same time, so I kept talking to myself. "I don't like the way they look, so I'm not going to ink it or color it." Poopie, I said to myself. What a waste of time..
Then, suddenly, I thought Maybe I should put it on theotaku and let other people color it for a prize!! :D The prize will be fantabulous!!!! :DDD

So, here are the rules:
1. Color in the 2 people. xD
2. Give them a better title than "The Uncute Couple"
3. If you'd like, you can delete all the text I wrote on the paper by putting it onto paint and erasing it before you print it (or whatever you do when you color it)

Uh.. number 3 isn't really a rule. xD I needed more rules, so I put it there.
What's that? You say I forgot something? Oh, right...
The fantabulous prize. xD
The prize will be.. a beautifully detailed picture colored and drawn on paper and pencil by mee~ 8D
Shut up. Dx
Second place will get a picture by me, only it's chibi and not really detailed.
Third place gets a cookie. :]
Third place gets an uncolored chibi and a pat on the back. x]
Is that fair?
Yuss~ ;]
Okay. Then that's all~ n_n

EDIT:: No, it's not. xD
Please send all the colored pictures in a PM to me~
And download in high resolution if you want a better quality picture (the lines are less blurry)!

EDIT (again xD):: The deadline is September 15~ That's Kakashi's birthday! xD Don't ask how I know that. o.O

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