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Not Your Ordinary Dollie...
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Um.. this is Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden. I drew her because she's one of my (not so many) favorite female anime characters~ xD Unfortunately, and probably obviously, most of my favorite anime characters are guys. x3 But out of the few girls, I adore Souseiseki. ;] I cosplayed as her for Otakon and I'm going to cosplay as her again at AnimeUSA in October. n_n
Hmm.. aside from that, I messed up a lot on this picture. xD First of all, if you look at the window pane thing in the far right, you'll see I did some major coloring outside of the lines. xD The clouds are pretty ugly, too. Um.. I also messed up when I colored the little helicopter. The first time I colored it, it was grey and made the colors clash, so I colored it some weird sea green color. o_O Huhh. Oh, well. I still like this picture because I actually decided to draw a scenery. x3 Yayy.
The end. .3.

EDIT EDIT:: Gahhhh, I drew her costume wrong! Dx
Sorry, guys. I was drawing off of memory. x':

Rozen Maiden Fan Art
doll, dollie, rozen maiden, souseiseki
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