excalababe (Fan Art Portfolio) The Most Innocent of Hearts

It's for innocent heart. She asked me a very long time ago to draw it for her. It took me forever to scan it, it wouldn't go threw email for some reason.. Now lets hope it gets posted!!

Ah she is blushing!! Mh I wanted a peaceful look for her.. You know? Not one thats too happy or sad, just calm.. ^^ I kinda pictured her...falling? Such a greaceful fall dear xD Damn if only I could fall like that!!!

I love how her hair turned out!! I remeber I wore my hair like this when it was longer.. Not as good.. xD
I drew a simple dress, and made it look like it was too big for her.. so she tied a ribbon around her waist... xD I think I went a little over board on the ribbon... again... gah!! SO MUCH DETAIL I CAN DO TO IT!!! I pretty much forced myself to stop on this one.. heh...

Welps, tell me what you guys and gals think about it. I really love how it turned out.. but then again thats goof little babe talking again so, yeh. x3

bye-bye! *muah!*

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green, heart, innocent, innocent heart, red, ribbon, white
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