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The Opposite Me

This is the opposite me that I'm going to enter in a contest about a person who is your opposite. Since you all probably don't know me very well, I'll explain why this is the opposite me.
o1. She is wearing a frilly PINK dress. Now, I don't have problems with frilly pink dresses in particular. Actually, I think they're cute. But I'm sort of a tomboy and dress sort of darkly (Augh! Don't call me emo!), so you'd never see me wearing a frilly pink dress like the one this girl is wearing.
o2. She's holding a knife. o_O See? I told you I wasn't emo. xD Knives and other sharp things that cause blood to pour out of my body make me sick. I can't stand to watch scary movies, either because they give me nightmares. I hate the sight of blood and the sight of creepy faces.
o3. Speaking of creepy faces, this girl's face is rather eerie. Her mouth and eyes are turned a weird way to make her look evil. I wear eyeliner, but I still have an innocent look to my face (so I'm told).
o4. I tried to make this obvious. She's pretty tall. I'm in high school and my height is only 5'2". I'm not the shortest person I know, but it's still pretty short.

Um.. and those are the major things that make her my opposite. If I made it a guy, maybe it'd be more or less opposite. I don't know. @[email protected] Oh, well. Sorry for putting all that junk up there. xD Enjoy~

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