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Burnin' the Bridge - Boys
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Whoo~! Just finished coloring this in today after I scanned it (today, too XD).

So anyway, yeah. It's the boys of Burnin' the Bridge written by my friend and I'm her artist. =) And it's very fun to draw them. Though I hate when inking comes in and it always comes out wrong. >>
Especially on the boys were I try NOT TO MESS UP THE (as my friend would call it) "SCHMEXY!" Dx

So, yeah. This was actually supposed to be my 100th picture back on my DeviantArt. ^^" But this was the...2nd draft. The first draft looked retarded so I had to do another one. XD
This one came out better. ^^"

Oh yeah, JACKSON'S STAYING!!! WOOT~! ^o^
At first it was going to be Sirius, but there's been a lot of work on Jackson that it couldn't be changed so suddenly like that... >>

So yeah, let's get to explaining a few things about this piece.

Jackson - The top main boy, boyfriend of the writer's character (Roxanne), and Arashi Juusannin's member No. I. The kanji written above his head means either "brave" or "courage." I forget which one it was. It really describes when he aids Roxanne in battle in the dimensional world of Lavarel. The kanji on his shirt means "strength" since he's a strong member of the Arashi Juusannin.
Bastion - The next top main boy, not paired however, and Arashi Juusannin's member No. III. The kanji written by his head means "destiny." It relates to how in the story, things will twist around a bit about the Arashi Juusannin that causes him to change his mind about their takeover plans...
Ike - The (so-called) charismatic boy, boyfriend of my character (Nadeshiko), Arashi Juusannin's member No. II. The phoenix next to him relates to how he has a phoenix familiar. Also to the fact that he's very protective of Nadeshiko...
Simon - The prickly, yet proud martial artist, boyfriend of Sophia, Arashi Juusannin's member No. X. The kanji written next to him means "spirit/energy." Being that he's a martial artist, he does need the energy to fight in battle.
Insung - The "punk rocker," boyfriend to the sarcastic demon lord of darkness Kyoung-Mi, and Arashi Juusannin's member No. IX. The dragon next to him relates to how he has a dragon familiar. And there's another on his shirt! xD
Scott - The controller of the dead, boyfriend to Raven, and Arashi Juusannin's member No. V. The bird is supposed to be a raven, but it didn't come out so well from the brush set. It relates to how he has a raven familair. The small kanji next to him means "dangerous" showing that as great as his necromancy may be, it can hold a dangerous power within himself...
Charlie - The clairvoyant gunner, boyfriend of Elizabeth, and Arashi Juusannin's member No. VIII. The kanji around him means "knowledge" for even if he is a surfer boy, he mostly spends his time reading instead of partying in college! Not to mention it may also relate to his clairvoyancy.

*NOTE: I tried to make Charlie tan. Photoshop wouldn't quite let me. @[email protected]

And that's all. Enjoy. ^^
If I find this stolen, I will hunt them down... >>

Jackson, Bastion (c) Roxanne's original boy characters for story
Ike (c) my boyfriend
Simon (c) character design by me, (c) name by Roxanne
Insung (c) character design by me, (c) name by Kyoung-Mi
Scott (c) character design by me, (c) name by Roxanne
Charlie (c) character design by me, (c) name by Roxanne

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boys boxes, burnin' the bridge, kanjis, symols
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