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This is the last TDI pic I'm putting up for now... for those of you who have watched the show or have seen TDI fanart of DJ on deviantart, YES I KNOW DJ's hair is supposed to be shorter!

Then why is his hair like that, the WHOLE story is kept secret by me,DJ, and Arianna, and Geoff(DJ's friend and the guy who parties alot)... but I WILL cut to the chase:Arianna did a little something with DJ's hair and Geoff was the only guy who knew about it...dont ask....

I guess I did ok with DJ and Arianna kissing....and for those who for some reason wanna know where is Arianna's hankerchief, she's wearing it around her neck instead of her hair like usual.... She wanted to impress DJ a bit...

And the reason why there are fireworks and they are dressed formally,ok then, Chris(the host)spent a huge load of money($1,000,000 plus 100,000 if you're wondering,dont ask how chris got it) and Courtney and Duncan,DJ's and Arianna's teammates...stole the stuff Chris bought sold it, and all of the campers put together alot of their money,and put together this whole after-party since the show's over(in Canada,the show is over by now, i think, Canada is lucky!) except Heather isn't there for being a bitchy cheater...

Plus, they later made a promise to eachother that two and a half years later, when they're all 18, they would put ALL the money that they made,for alot of luxorious stuff, they got the money since they're famous....DUH!

No, this pic isn't when they are adults, in this pic they're STILL 16

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