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Here's my entry for Clozimodo's contest :D
I hope Tyrone doesn't look to...emothional XD, I tried to make him more nonchalant, but that didn't work out too much v__v
Since Clozi liked that "A head" submission so much I decided to keep him (She wouldn't let me kill him off either TT^TT)
SO i had to go through the trouble of naming him XD (which is the hardest part of creating an OC for me >__>)

So here's his profile ^__^ :

Name : Katsuo (Katsu= victory, o=hero)

Age : 16 (and a half)

Sex : Male (strictly >_>)

Weight : "Himitsu *chu*"-Katsuo

Height : Well, about this...he was supposed to be taller, but here he's a bit shorter than Tyrone who is 5'6.5" so in this pic he's 5'6", but later he';; grow to around 5'9", sorry for any confusion v__v

Personality : He's VERY outspoken and emotional, but doesn't really show anger (he doesn't take things personally and has a way of turning insults into compliments and ends up not making sense sometimes). However he does get angry if u mess with his "secret" plushie colletion. I guess if you know OHSHC, he's kinda like Tamaki except a bit less of the "idiotic" type XD

Fighting style : He's not a hater, he's an appreciator ^__^, but he does have a good right hook and doesn't use it often

3 Likes : plushies, girls, and California Rolls

3 Dislikes : meanies, tomatoes, and electric fans

Uhhh, this is the first character profile I've ever done so I think I'm done....
Thanks for taking your time to read if you did ^__^

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clozimodo, colored, contest, copic, host, katsuo, ocs, tyrone
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