tiggerola (Fan Art Portfolio) Raven and Hiei lick ~CCDS

Raven and Hiei lick ~CCDS

I was converting my story of Cartoon Cops Dating Service into RadioPlay format for upcoming auditions and when I came across this scene I had a sudden urge to have a picture of it. I know I'm not a perfect artist and Hiei is a bit disproportionate, but I like how Raven turned out (thanks a lot to the cloak I think XD). So just enjoy it XD

Scene from Cartoon Cops Dating Service where the notorious Sally Sue decides to set up Kurama and Raven on a date without them knowing it is a date. So why is Raven with Hiei in this picture? You'll just have to read the story to find out ^.~ search my archives on MyO (not TheO) or go to www.freewebs.com/cartooncopscentral/ccmissions.htm Or I did just recently post it on a World here at TheO.

In this scene, Raven and Hiei just finished a fight in the Tower of Terror. Raven noticed Hiei had a sword cut on his neck and tore some of her cloak to bandage it. Hiei noticed she had a wound too, so he rose up to lick the blood off of it.

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date, heal, hiei, raven, relationship, teen titans, wounds, yuyu hakusho, yyh
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