Devillicious (Fan Art Portfolio) Dragon

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Okaaay~this took me FOREVER to create. I did everything from scratch including drawing it with pencil, inking it with pen, scanning it onto my computer, fixing it up using photoshop, and coloring it using photoshop. For one thing, this is my first OFFICIAL dragon (I drew it from a tutorial I found online). For another thing, this was my first time inking a picture with pen and I was very pleased with the results. Plus, I have very little experience coloring images in photoshop so that was another [almost] new thing to me. Also, I was very detailed in shading and highlighting and had a little help with an online tutorial. You want to know probably my hardest (or one of my hardest) parts to color were? It was the eye! I did all sorts of things to it. I wanted to make it look blind but I'm not sure if it looks that way (it's for my sister's story).

All in all, this image took me several hours to do O_O

I had to watermark it. Sorry, everyone, but I just don't want anyone stealing it and claiming it as their own. This took me too long and I like this image to much to just let others use it (plus, it's the cover for my sister's story :P). Please take that into consideration and don't try erasing the watermarks or editing this picture in any way. It's copyrighted by me, Erin Hudson (Devillicious).

P.S. The fire was also done in photoshop using an online tutorial (cool, eh?).

Enjoy!!! Don't forget to comment ^^

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cg, devillicious, dragon, fire, original, photoshop, red
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