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Arashi Juusannin WANTED2
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Heehee. I loved the boys one more the girls.
Then again, it was all hard to squeeze them in the page. O.o

One thing really stood out to me once I looked down at the completed work and it was on HOW SHORT SIMON IS!!! XD
I'm sorry, but when the girls are all standing along with them, he wouldn't look short, but if alone it the guys... XD
He has height issues...
I don't blame that though. If you look at his profile, it would say he's originally the same look as another character of mine and I did make him short...

LOL, high schoolers front and center.
I kinda realized that when I put Ike, Simon, and Itzuuji (I.S.I. in other words) together in the middle... O_o
Whatever, YOUNGESTS FIRST! (All three are 17, though Simon's the youngest really... >> )

Jackson and Renji came out EXACTLY AS I WANTED!!!
Thank you Yuki (evilsensei) for the lending me the inking pens! 8D
And yeah, you're right, I should really get my own. If we ever go that is...

Charlie came out okay. I kinda screwed up the dragons on his shirt though... Oops. I forgot there was supposed to be some green on them... >>

The colors on the other outfit stunk. Jackal and I didn't like it. Apparently, yellow is only a good color choice for those who are blondies. (RENJI and CHARLIE OTHERWISE! X] )
Here's my favorite thing on his outfit though is the blood stains...
Well, he does control the dead so I figured...
And Jackal and I decided they stay STAINED on his shirt. XD
Makes it more cool.

ANYWAY, boys are WANTED for taking over the world with the girls.
And they all look evil and will kill you if you find them and try to stop them... O_O

From left to right:
Jackson Roofshadow, Renji Howlsong, Ike Whitewind, Simon Sunback, Itzuuji Stormbringer, Charlie Treesinger, Scott Strongclaw

Jackson and Renji (c) lady-black-jackal's characters
Ike (c) my boyfriend
Simon, Charlie, Michael (c) they're actually my original characters now >>
Itzuuji (c) also mine since I made him
(my god I have most of the boys... O_o)

UPDATE! (Bane: Since when? Me: Since TODAY. Bane: My fault for names? Me: Yup.)
Apparently, there's been an update on everyone's names all of a sudden. O_< Until further notice, I'll draw a quick (-coughcrappycough-) draft to the characters. Looks are the same however.
Until further notice.

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arashi juusannin, boys, evil, wanted
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