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Alex- Sketchy introduction
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Alex! I luv to draw him but he's a simple fan character. It's the originals that draw attention. No matter, I still draw him, and this being the first drawing of him I shall sum up a story...
Vexen was sick and tired of Axel's pranks so he wanted to find a way to kick Axel out and replace him. A clone that was even better than the original came to mind but when 'Alex' came out Vexen found he was too powerful. 3x as powerful than Axel (and jeeze, can Axel really blow things up to start with). So he threw cover up DNA over Axel's original DNA to cover it up and sent him to a family. With Axel concealed, he'd live his life normally... untill the DNA started to break away. Abandoned by his fearful parent (cuase yeah, they are stupid) Alex leaves that world to find a place where he belongs. An emo-ish type of feel to the story but has plenty of humor. And yes Alex has wings. Vexen thought it be cool. 100% human DNA. no bird. >v<
sorry for the long story but I wanted to get it out so if anyone asks I can tell them to go here.

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