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a really cool random Thought from a fanfic i read with edward & naruto here's a [link] ............................. fic cilp Also, thanks for Fullmetal Shinobi on help with the words Himunculi and Himunculus, I also thank anyone whos read this and belives in my writing talent and imagination, I thank everyone who's ever reviewed and anyone who's ever read it. I never told you guys why I gave bonus length last time by the way. It was around the time of our one month anneversery! Now let's see what the Maveric Showstopping Ninja and the Fullmetal Alchemist are doing!)) "--- Now." Kakashi fled and Ed threw the first punch with his automail arm, the punch soared straight for the 12 year old boy. The blonde ninja ducked and went for his equipment sack. He grabbed a few kunai and looked to Ed, ready for an open hit. Too bad the Fullmetal Alchemist had some pretty damn good reflexes and ducked, but then Naruto sped up his punch and hit him in his mouth. How the hell is this going to help us? though Ed as he recovered from the punch and glared at Naruto, he clapped his hand and created a blade from his automail, like he'd done so many times. Naruto studied the transmutation intensely and yelled at Ed. "Don't hold back!" Edward smirked and ran toward Naruto. "My pleasure." The teenage alchemist jumped toward the boy and sped up to his best, which may be too bad for Naruto. He slashed one... two... three times, missing twice but cutting Naruto's cheek, surpising him. Edward then punched him in the stomach, full force. Naruto made a choking sound and coughed up some blood. "S-sorry Ed, but I'm not holiding back either." He made a couple hands symbols and then focused his chakra. "Kage no Bushin!" A few shadow clones appeared and then it was really on! Edward studied with the same intensity Naruto had studied with. Clapping he created a new knife from the ground He began to circle around with it. Two dopplegangers went at him, full force when he avoided them with all his speed and made a shallow cut with the knife into the ground. The dopplegangers looked in surprised and the pursuit pursed, until Naruto hit Ed when he came around. "Really too bad about your dopplegangers." Ed said, ready for an attack, but pushing the ground with his two hands. The reason he'd been using the knife was to creat a transmutation circle! "EAT THIS!" said Edward and hit the dopplegangers with burning earth. Naruto studied the attack with shock and amazement. He wouldn't be able to beat this guy with dopplegangers... They fought like this for a while, getting punched and kicked and knived. They tried their best to survive, finding leftover ramen and such but also finding spring traps finally it came down to this one night... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ed and Naruto were half dead, out of breath and tired. They collapsed on a tree and suddenly Naruto asked Ed something. "Ed, why do you... why do you fight? What's... what's your purpose, your dream?" Edward looked surprised but then, he smiled warmly. "My dream once was just to bring my mom back from the dead, I tried that and it got me a sin and I want to- I want to make it better for the person I hurt, my brother, Al." Naurto looked surprised and he seemed to be sort of sad. "Does-does family mean that much to you?" asked Naruto, a little sadly. "I-I never had parents, they've been dead for all my life. For a while all I felt was- lonliness." Edward looked surprised but the looked opposite Naruto. "If I had a chance, I'd want to know what it was like. When I used to look at Sasuke, I wondered if that was like to have a brother. When I looked at Iruka, I wonder if that was what it was like to have a brother. All I have is friends and I'm- I'm happy I do." Edward smiled. "Now it's time for you to answer your own question. Why do you fight?" Naruto looked surprised, but then smiled as Ed had. "To protect the people I love and..." He coughed. "To become the greatest Hokage there ever has been." Edward smiled as the both of them drifted off to sleep. "Hey Naruto..." he said, almost asleep. "... Let's be friends." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naruto woke up before Edward did. Edward looked back at him. "I'll give you 5 minutes to recover, then we start." Naruto nodded with a smile and grabbed his kunai when suddenly a silver headed fuigure appeared. "Time."

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