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A note from Nami-chan Queen of the Chibi Acorns(emphasis on the acorns) If you have nothing else to do it would be cool if you entered Snow Phoenix's contest. you dont even have to like avatar. just photobucket aang or something ^.^ i dont want to be the only one entering (PS- High resolution has lipstick on) Well..this is my other OC, Dismay...(what a cool name)nad she..WOUL DLIKE YOU TO ENTER MY CONTEST!! the rules are simple- 1.take a character from any anime 2.cosplay them as any other character with a completely different personality. (OC's can work if you tell me what anime you have them in, or if its original anime, tell me their personality and background) 3.write a caption for the pic. example- Sesshomaru dressed as Naruto (not shippuden)(can you see sesshy in a spiffy orange jumpsuit?) then you could write what you think sesshy is thinking about all this. PM me for more details. the prizes (considering the fact that this is all i can give you, i'll still love you forever if you enter. isnt that enough T.T0 1st place- 2-3 drawn inked and colored(in prismas, i don't have or know how to operate photoshop)of anything of your choice. and a cookie.and if you ever in the future are holding a contest, i will put up some art to advertise. 2nd- 1 drawn inked and colored or 2 drawn and inked. i will also so the contest thingy 3rd- 1 drawn and inked and you (can if you want) help decide on the first and second place winners) ok i guess thats it! (PS I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU ENTER) AND PLEASE COMMENT!! i would be the HAPPIEST PERSON if i got 3 votes but at the most 10+ comments!!!

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
avatar, contest, cosplay, dismay, echo, inuyasha, naruto
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