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Mew Licorice Character Sheet
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Looks like I broke my oath of only posting finished works here, huh? Decided to take a leaf out of IrrationalPrince's book and draw my fan Mew in my own style rather than attempting to mimic Mia Ikumi. Figured it was better off as the rough sketch than a finished picture due to her mostly black color scheme. That is to say, it's easier to make out how her outfit is put together without the color. Hit the High Resolution link to read my chicken-scratch commentary. ~('3')~ |Name| Kuroyama Rikorisuu |Translation| Black mountain, "licorice" (really just the Romanji reading of the English word) |Age| 16 |Birthday| April twelfth |Orientation| Heterosexual |Psychological Status| A twitchy, timid girl with a habit of running from anything too exciting or dangerous or especially risky in any way… pretty much anything, come to think of it. For her, where she is running to is never an issue, as all that matters is what she is running from. That is, she almost always can find an escape route, but that route depends on what is chasing her and how many of them there are. The key word here is “almost”; in her Mew form, she is less likely to find a way out of a situation and thus requires rescue occasionally. This is generally attributed to two causes: 1. In her Mew form, her heightened earring/dimmed sight and improper DNA infusion have lead to an overall decrease in her ability to find a way out. 2. As a Mew, she is naturally inclined to be attacked at random moments with increasing frequency. On top of being a huge coward, Riko is also quite the little pessimist. Her philosophy is simple: If she continually believes the worst is going to happen in any and all situations, she will continually be pleasantly surprised when something not-so-bad happens instead. Of course, this attitude has cost her quite a few potential friendships, so she tries to keep her thoughts just that; her thoughts. She has her moody moments as well, but. . . those are few and far between, as it’s rather difficult to mope and be rude when you’re being attacked by a group of burly men with guns. Overall, Riko is most calm when she is somewhere that other people would consider boring, like at home or out at the park in a crowd of fellow “GothLolis”. The whole concept of being a Mew Mew frightens her and she sorely wishes she was never chosen to be one (though she rather likes the uniform). In her human form, Riko generally speaks in rhyme, sounding as though she’s read one too many Dr. Seuss books. Therefore, as a rule, she has a bitter hatred for words that cannot be rhymed, such as “orange”. In her transformed state, Licorice speaks primarily in iambic pentameter, though this is modified once she comes to terms with whom and what she really is. |Physical Status| Standing at 155cm and weighing somewhere around 55kg, she has a thin, wispy build, appearing to be much younger than she actually is, her large, chocolate brown eyes not helping this fact in the least. Her skin tone is a pale pinkish hue, though it typically appears to be a bit more pallid when put into contrast with her chin-length black hair, the locks of which frame her face. Her hairstyle lacks fringe; instead, it is parted in the middle with a lock from each side pinned up just behind her ears. The hairpins are typically unnoticed due to being covered with a black bonnet, trimmed with white lace. Crinoline, lace, and tulle abound in her fanciful outfits, which are modest only in the fact that they cover nearly every centimeter of her body; the skirts typically cut off at her knees, her legs encased in black knee socks with white lace trim, feet covered with black Mary Jane shoes. |Life| Kuroyama Rikorisuu has had the most normal life ever. . . or, that’s what she’s pretty sure of, at least. Actually. . . she can’t really remember anything before about two months ago, when she woke up on an ornate Victorian style bed wearing clothing better suited for a doll than a girl. Her housemates (four boys, three around her age and one seeming to still be in elementary school) had taken turns explaining she had just gotten over a long illness and that she was right where she belonged. Instead of questioning this odd excuse, she felt the overwhelming urge to simply accept what she was told and go about her life. She does not attend school, though she was told that she graduated from Daikanyama Junior High the previous year. The oldest of the boys, known to her as Akizuki Yuuzen, had told her that she was “perfectly fine” the way she was, adding on that she was to be the one to help them (and by them, she assumed he was talking about the other boys) start “a grand new world.” How? She hadn’t the foggiest idea. Again, she accepted it, despite a faint little voice in the back of her mind screaming in protest. She has often wondered if was Yuuzen had said had anything to do with the odd, rose-like marking just below her sternum or the reoccurring dreams involving a girl in a “cute cosplay” outfit taking down various petty criminals around the city, but she is usually too distracted by something else to really think about any sort of correlation between the two. More recently, she has become a fangirl of the members of the Tokyo Mew Mew team, even going as far as to have purchased a cosplay set modeled after the pink Mew (she made a few modifications to fit her normal outfits, of course; the bow on the tail was replaced with a bit of lacy white ribbon with a silver jingle bell fastened to the middle). She really wants to see them in person, but with the decline of monster activity in the city, there has been no need for them. |DNA| Greater bilby* |Alias| Crusader Mew Licorice |Mew Physical Status| Her collar and garter are both made up of a bit of black ribbon, which holds a backing of pink lace in place. Her Mew locket is silver, with a rose emblem in the center. The bodice of her dress is sleeveless and strapless, starting just below her collarbone, with a heart-shaped top. Her black arm garters are about the same as most Mews’ with the exception of having pink lace trim rather than the more-accepted fuzz. A pair of black lace “aristocrat cuffs” cling to the distal ends of her forearms, flaring out by the time they reach her wrists and ending just before her fingers. Tight, pale pink gloves adorn her hands, disappearing beneath the cuffs. A black bow, complete with tulle, filament-like chains, and a brooch in the shape of the Saint Rose Crusader crest in the center, is tied to her left wrist, over the sleeve. The skirt portion flares outward like an overgrown black petunia with the front petal missing, being pinned to the base of the bodice. A pink skirt, similar in design, is fastened below the black one, with her black bilby tail just above it. Her garter is on her left thigh, fashioned out of the same materials as her collar. Her black, two-inch heeled lace-up boots go to the mid-calf and are covered with a pair of pink spats. |Weapon| Licorice Lyre – (“Rikorisu Rieru”, typically pronounced as “Rikorieru”—Licorlyre) a black, heart-shaped instrument, with the pointed bottom end of the heart open. A pink crossbar is fastened across this opening. Seven silver filaments are stretched from this bar to the curved “top” of the heart. A black bow, similar to the one on Mew Licorice’s left wrist, is pinned between the humps that make up the curved part of the heart. The weapon is called forth from her cuff charm. |Attack| Reborn Licorice Illusion! - Mew Licorice strums all seven strings on her lyre, then plucks out a soothing melody. The instrument emits a series of ultrasonic notes which cause the intended target (and occasionally others in the surrounding area) to be immersed in a dream world of their own fantasies. A second attack, Licorice Mirage, is simply a modified version of this attack, wherein the opponent is brought into a state similar to that of a person who has recently consumed a large amount of a psychedelic drug; that is, the opponent is put on a “trip” that may take up to two hours to overcome. The attacks can be warded off if the opponent plugs their ears with wax or a similar substance, as fingers will not cut it. |Object of Affection| The elegant aristocrat known as Royal Highness (“If only I knew who he really is. . .”). Unfortunately for her, he will never return her affections. |Notes| *Due to the fact that the animal she is infused with is no longer critically endangered, Mew Licorice is the absolute weakest of all of the Mews in existence (though. . . Zakuro seems to be feeling the effects herself). The fact that she can even transform into a Mew Mew is a miracle unto itself. She is only capable of taking down human opponents; if she were ever pit against a chimera animal (and if she didn’t run away first), she would have to be rescued or face being killed. There are other little bugs that plague her design due to her faulty DNA as well, but they won’t be listed here for fear of them being “spoilers” for her story. :3 ~('3')~ So then... raise your hand if I ripped off your fan Mew somehow. I'm not going to change my character because of it, but I would like to see how many people I've supposedly copied.

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