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FINALLY! I got it to come up! xD xD; dont mind the over size of boobge lol. I relized it after I drew it XDDD ANYWAYS! I was watching Adult swim and inuyasha came on (episode where Kouga meets Sesshomaru) and an idea poped in my head to make a wolf demon! xD I have to thank Ginta and Hikaku for that :b XDD PLUS Kouga isnt all that corny XDDD. Also I dont use Ellie as much for Inuyasha stuffies anymore. Though I should start getting into another RP somewhere. I really enjoyed one of them on (the forum site part) but the stupid people there deleted ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the RPs for the dumbbest reason. And I mean like they didnt even worn us if we wanted to take it somewhere else... TT_TT We had 60+ sumthint pages! and we were just getting to the good part! lol anyways aside my complaining! hope ya like! And yesh she has a simalar weapon as kouga does in the mang. And NO she does not have 4358340578391576 jewl shards... she has.. .NADA she dun need em' she has naturally strong legs and speed. ^.^

Inuyasha Fan Art
demon, inuyasha, oc, sexy, tsume, wolf
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