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Mimi In Kh2
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hi everyone!! member mimi, the cute chibi w/the long black hair, black dress, and pale skin? this is her, only in kh2!!! some things have changed since u first saw her, not only on teh outside, but the inside too!! everything is symbolic w/her outfit and new hairstyle. hairstyle: (reason) after her and sora awoke from the coma namime stuck them in, her hair was down to her knees!! since it was so unbearable, she hacked it off! (symbolic) it symbolizes a new start for mimi, and the hair that is she cut, she kept, as a rememberance of her old life. outfit: (the reason) well, her dress was so tattered and old, the fairies decided she needed a clothing change as well!! (symbolic) her outfit has two meanings to it. the first is the color choices. the alternating black and white shows that they're is light and dark w/in everyone. no one is purely dark, and vice versa. the other is the nobody and heartless symbol on her shirt, since she's not human, it shows that she isn't a heartless, or a nobody either. story so far: in kh2 she's not w/riku, in fact, it's sora that breaks her free of hollow bastion (since at that point, riku was possessed) and she agrees to help him. the second doesn't focus on the relationship her and riku have, but now she's trying to recover the lost memories of her childhood, and of the times that she was expeirmented on, while trying to find riku w/sora. and that's it!! this pic took no time at all since it doesn't have a bg!! twink out! haseo

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