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Before I get into details about the picture, I just wanted to say that this picture holds a lot of first for me. It was my first time actually trying to draw hands, or Deidara (or any Naruto Character for that matter). I think the Deidara is my favorite Akatsuki Member (Rivaled only by Tobi and his antics). I loved Ch. 357's Title page, and when I was *bored out my miiiind* today, I went and actually drew somthing for once. Actuall Drawing took about 45 min. Cleaning it however, was a PAIN! I started erasing some of the smudges and lines i didn' want in it in Microsoft Premeium Picture It! 9. I guess my computer was low on memory when I did it, and I lost all the editing. Soooo, cleaning probly took about, ummm, 1hr. 15min? This is the first time I had drawn anything in what feels like (and may very well be) years. This is also the first peice I have submitted to DA, be gental! I know their are tons of mistakes, like the collar of his cloak being . . . angeled? oddly. O.o This is my First Deviation on hereComments are VERY much appricianted. Thanks! *EDIT* Lol, For some reason I really like to draw ears . . . and it's kinda weird. Ears are the the only part of the body I can draw off the top of my head. Aaaand for some reason, I gave him an earring . . . I wasn't really sure If anyone would notice, but someone did, lol. Art by me Deidara belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

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akatsuki, chakra, clay, deidara
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