redheaddragon88 (Fan Art Portfolio) Doodles 2_26_07

Doodles 2_26_07
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a couple main character doodles that will be in my new comic Kaibutsu no Hogosha (Monster Guardians) =3 heres a lil background info on them if anyone cares xD: Haru: species: demon/vampire mix age: approx. 18 years old likes: superheros (wants to be one really bad xD), ladies, battles, coffee, and meat dislikes: bad guys, onions, and garlic personality: happy-go-lucky distinctive characteristics: he has one good eye and the other eye was damaged in a fight (so he wears his hair long on that side), he wears: metal armor on his right arm and partial upper body, a cape (because "...all superheros need capes!" he says), he also has 1 demon mark on his face and 3 tattoos (one on his neck, one on his back and one on his arm), and lastly he has a claw mark scar across his chest. Yasuo: species: vampire age: approx. 157 yrs old likes: blood, ladies, reading, and did i mention ladies [XD] dislikes: annoying brats, fighting, garlic, superstitious people personality: ladies man (?) distinctive characteristics: he's a pretty boy-type, curly sliver hair, red eyes Akiyama: species: cat-demon age: approx. 50 yrs old likes: toys, food, playing around, and hasn't decided weather he likes girls or guys yet -__-; dislikes: fighting, work personality: he's kinda ditzy [^^;] distinctive characteristics: he likes to stay in his cat ear/humanish form mostly (although he can change to a cat, monster-demon, or more human demon form)he has purple hair and golden eyes, he gets mistaken for a girl alot...(doesnt help that he wears girly clothes either xD) all characters and Kaibutsu no Hogosha (c) me

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akiyama, haru, kaibutsu no hogosha, yasuo
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