jkhkitty things just got epic.

Hello. wondering about the title, are you? well, things did indeed get epic.

K, showtime. Here's the thing. I've been wanting to make a "most epic anime/manga characters that ever existed" video for you tube. and I thought what if i had those people at the otaku give me a hand??

of course, for this contest to even work, I need a sizable amount of people to submit...

but here's your job. Draw (or photoshop a pic of) which ever anime or manga character you think is the most epic/badass.

rulzzz (unfortunatly, there are quite a few...):

1. as always, keep it clean, folks.

2. I'd like to avoid yaoi or yuri or any pairing possible at the time. Just focus on the persons badassery.

3. You flame, you die.

4. you can have more than one entry, but not of the same character. for reasons i refuse to tell you. until the contest is over.

5. sign the bottom of your work. most of you do this already, but do it anyway. I want to avoid copywright as much as possible.


there will be two main winning catagories. one being the traditional three for this site, and than ten seperate winners that will be in the video.

traditional three person winners:

first: you get to be in the vid, a drawing from me of your epic character, a ribin (duh)... that's about it.

second: gift, a sketch

third: a sketch


there will be ten of you. in no real order. you just all win. your prize is that you get to be in the video.

EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT CONFIDENT IN YOUR DRAWING ABLITIES: i still need you. in order to get a accurate conclusion, i need lots of fan art. lots.

oh, almost forgot, GIRLS CAN BE BA, TOO. have you ever scene blood plus? saya? she's ba.


if you really don't want to enter this contest, I have another job for you. every vid needs a song to go in it. I'm looking for a song that feels ba. just pm me with your idea. so far, the song is remember the name by fort minor. it's a rap. if you want to change that, nows your chance.

I'm giving you three months. that should be enough time to do a decent job.

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Honey is Badass ~CirceNoir
SESSHOUMARU IS BADASS. >:D ~envythejealous
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