ReiKiba ::WARNING:: Don't click if you're SCARED!

Hiya~!!! My first challenge. So gonna post up something different from others.

Since Halloween Day is close, and some challenge has also posted up halloween-related challenge, so I think it's time for something like this to show up!

The theme is Horror. Yes, draw anything that is/are scary. I don't want monster/beast-like spooky (if you understand what I mean). I mean ghost or something near that. It's up to you how you draw the scary scene and the presence in your drawing.
Example: WARNING!!!Click ONLY if you dare to!!! <----- Right-click!

So here, I challenge you to scare me with your drawing. I want to have the feeling from your art work. I noticed this is a bit hard for we have to obey the site rules... but I think as long as the rating of the art is still acceptable, then go ahead. :)


  • Follow the site rules, please.
  • Please put a "WARNING" sign as the first word of your title, to warn the other members that your work might scare them, please. It is a MUST!
  • I don't force you to enter this, so if you are a weak-type of person, please do not enter. (lol, this sounds weird, but necessary)
  • Any type of media is allowed.
  • Prizes are to be announced.
  • Participants will get a medal for giving this a shot. (and because you have the guts! ;D)

And yes you can submit as many as you want! Just give your best shot and I'll know how to judge.

Two months limit! -3-
Any more questions? Just ask; comment or PM me. *waves and vanishes*

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WARNING: May contain ghosts ~Phantom Kai
WARNING :: what lies underneath... ~ResonanceOfFall
::WARNING:: dead nurse inside..... ~qtv49
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