ecnelisterger Oh heck..wrong costume?

Greetings my fellow otakus..:3

So you read the title and you must be wondering, what's this challenge all about?

It's all about:

I want you to draw your OC wearing wrong/inappropriate costume for Halloween. Draw them wearing something that absolutely have nothing to do with Halloween. If you don't have an OC, then it's okay, you can either borrow (make sure you ask permission first XD) other member's OC or used official OC from any manga/anime.

Judging will be made based on creativity, colored or not colored is okay with me! *thumbs up* I would also like to see some effort. =w=

You can draw it either digitally or traditionally. Just do your best!

Unlimited submissions for those who had tons of ideas. :D

Free dedication and I'll give you a month to do it...


1. You know that excessive 'sexiness' is prohibited right?
2. Of course you have to be the creator of the fan art.
3. Be creative and go crazy! ( that supposed to be a rule?)

Anyway, if I didn't describe enough, you can always ask me by commenting or if you're afraid someone might read your question and gets idea from it, you can send me a PM instead. =w=

The prizes:

1st place: A wallpaper or eCard of your choice, a drawing of your OC (your choice), 3 gifts and a quote made specially about you.

2nd place: A wallpaper of your choice, a drawing of your OC (your choice), 2 gifts.

3rd place: An eCard of your choice, a drawing of your OC (your choice), 1 gift.

Others: Gift for participating, medals and signature from me.*is shot* lol, jk..^^

**Note that every gifts contain quotes.

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