playitbakinslomo REALISM aspirers unite!!

So ever wondered what your favourite anime character, OC, gaming character would look like in real life?!?

Well here's your challenge!!: Create an anime/game/cartoon/OC character as realistically as you can! ^^

Doesn't matter if you feel you're not really into realism, but it's always interesting to try new things and improve. You can always learn alot by experimenting and trying new styles!

Traditional and digital artists welcome! ^^


1 - Provide a picture link to the cartoon/anime/etc character when you submit your work.

2 - References allowed for basics if needed. (I'm not getting into art copying/stealing issues - suffice to say, be responsible artists *nods*)

3 - All work must be your own.

4 - Have fun and be creative!


A few answers to questions:

Deadline is 24 August so you have plenty of time to create something! ^^

Does it have to be human?
Nope! As long as it looks realistic, you're fine ^^

Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes you can! You've got 3 months, so why not ^^

Does it have to be a picture especially created for this challenge?
Preferably yes ^^



Any picture you want drawn by yours truly with any media (digital or traditional inc. graphite, charcoal, pastel, paint etc...)
Includes: anime, realism, designs, landscapes, still ife, themes etc...
(1 character max in pic)


Digital or Traditional Scape Painting (landscape, urbanscape, futurescape etc...)


Digital Design

If the answer you're looking for isn't here, feel free to send me a message! I'll reply as soon as I can ^^

*Note: I won't be commenting on any pictures or showing favouritism until the challenge is over and I've completed judging all entries ^^

Goodluck to you all!!

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Kurosaki Ichigo, Realism ~deathgod8910
Realistic Youko Kurama ~Dark Lord Youmi
ulquiorra - realism ~sophitia
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