sasoriofredsand Ushio needs YOU! *points to you*

So lately I have been drawing this elf girl, whom I have yet finish her whole appearence, I need your help for that, since I cannot find the right look..This is where you come in, draw this elf girl and think of a design for the rest of her outfit.

Here is what I have drawn for her upper design: Linkie~

I have drawn her some more these past few days, but have not submitted it yet ^^;

-You may tweak her upper a appearence a bit, but nothing TOO drastic! xD
-Please Color it! Or atleast label what the colors should be.

Other than that, there are no rules..

-Winner will recieve a wallpaper request and colored fanart request~!

Please try your best for this challenge, I want to use this girl in a comic of mine, and of course the winner will recieve half credit for the character design xDD

Good Luck~

BTW, for some reason, I cannot reply to any comments, so the things on the girl's hat are Grey feathers, she does fight, you can make her have a bow, daggers, sword, etc etc. Her personality is timid and shy, but she can sometimes be very outspoken.


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