kyouyarenge Legend of Zelda: Couples!

My second challenge! :D


So, this challenge is just what it sounds like! Pick your favorite couple from any Legend of Zelda game or manga (yes, they exist if you didn't already know!) and draw me a cute picture! Yes, yaoi is excepted (just check my icon!) but keep EVERYTHING clean! Crack couples are okay, but no crossover pairings!


  • No swearing (in the picture or in the description)
  • Keep it clean! PG13!
  • Stick to theO rules
  • MUST STICK TO THE THEME! I will disqualify if it doesn't follow these rules!
  • As many entries as you want, but only one will win!


  • Creativity of design
  • Effort (No need to tell me how long it took. It should be evident by looking at it)
  • Color is not necissary, but will get you bonus points!
  • Pairing (The common ones, like your average LinkxZelda may not earn as many points. There is also a pairing that will earn you bonus points, and if you've ever paid attention to my random posts, you have a better probability of guessing it~)
  • I know people say that they don't judge on how well you draw, but let's face it, there is a little part of us that likes shaded, colored pictures to disproportionate stick figures. So, although I will try to be unbiased to style and experience, it may play a little advantage.


1st Place- 3cards, 1 colored and attempted to shade art, and a gift~
2nd Place- 2cards, 1 colored and unshaded art, and a gift~
3rd Place- 1card, 1 line art, and a gift~

This challenge goes on for 1 MONTH!!!! Do your best! ^_^

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